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Continence Coach

A Continence Service offering Assessments and Ongoing Supports to Adults and Children with Disabilities

Home visits available in Ballarat, Victoria

Telehealth Service Australia-wide



Continence Assessments

A Continence Assessment by a Specialist Nurse is a comprehensive evaluation of bladder and bowel function to determine the problems related to incontinence. It is an essential tool in promoting independence with your continence needs, including use of the most suitable products for you to have funded in your NDIS plan.

Picture of a child lying in bed asleep, wearing a black and white striped long-sleeved top and pink training underwear

Product Recommendations

The assistive technology (continence products) used to manage your continence issues will make the difference in moving towards being as independent as possible. Incontinence should not stop you from being able to do the things you love! Our team can help you choose the most suitable continence products to suit your needs

child's potty and roll of toilet paper representing what is involved with potty or toilet training

Toilet Training Support

Our team is able to provide recommendations, advice and ongoing support for children who have not yet toilet trained or have issues with toilet refusal, sensory sensitivities, stool withholding, constipation, day wetting (wee accidents in the daytime) and faecal incontinence or soiling (poo accidents)

Intermittent catheters of all different colours

Catheter Management

We can provide advice and recommendations for catheter users, both intermittent and indwelling, to find the most suitable catheter equipment for your needs. Your NDIS plan should include adequate funding for the most appropriate catheter for your purposes!

Children playing on a bed, showing how happy they are when they have stopped bedwetting

Bedwetting Advice

Bedwetting is also known as Enuresis or Night Urinary Incontinence. Children who are still wetting the bed after the age of 5 years can seek treatment for their night wetting. Our team can provide guidance about possible treatment options as well as the most appropriate assistive technology products to help contain the wetting and work towards to achievement of night dryness for your child

Profile of a child wearing headphones. This shows how some children with neurodiverse conditions such as ASD and ADHD may look

Support for Neurodiverse Children (ASD, ADHD)

Many children have NDIS funding due to their neurodiversity and this makes them a higher risk of having bladder and bowel problems including day and night wetting, constipation, soiling, toilet refusal and incontinence. Our team can help these children to become toilet trained, continent and dry at night

About My Approach

Our lead practitioner Bronwyn, is passionate about helping people with bladder and bowel problems and has been providing Comprehensive Continence Assessments to people of all ages since 2012. With a background in paediatric nursing, Bronwyn specialises in assisting children with continence problems.

With introduction of the NDIS across Australia, Bronwyn has had the opportunity to expand her expertise to NDIS participants, to help them meet their goals of achieving independence with personal cares and toileting, allowing them to continue to participate in their favourite community and social activities.

Incontinence is a sensitive topic and requires a specialist approach from someone with specific expertise and a nice manner. Bronwyn helps participants with a variety of continence problems, including urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, bedwetting, bowel incontinence, toilet refusal and toilet training.

Bronwyn believes in a caring and shared therapeutic relationship with her clients and takes the time to assist them to develop to their full potential and become their best selves!

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Offering home visits in Ballarat and surrounding areas, the Grampians Region and Greater Western Victoria.

Telehealth Services available Australia-wide

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