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What Can We Offer You?

This is a Consulting Service offering Continence Advice and Supports to NDIS Participants of All Ages

Are you experiencing bladder or bowel leaks?

Do you have to rush to get to the toilet in time?

Do you use continence products?

Do you use a catheter?

Are you having trouble toilet training?

Is bedwetting a problem?

The Continence Coach Can Help You!


Providing Continence Assessments and ongoing Continence Supports to

NDIS Participants via Telehealth across Australia or in-home visits in Ballarat and surrounding areas across Western Victoria

Profile picture of lead clinician

Continence Assessments

A Continence Assessment by a Specialist Nurse is essential to assist you in the development of good bladder and bowel function and to promote independent living. With more than 25 years experience in nursing, Bronwyn can coach you to help achieve your Continence goals

Toddler wearing a nappy and holding an umbrella

Product Recommendations

The products you use to manage your continence issues will make the difference in moving towards being as independent as possible. Working in partnership with you, Bronwyn will choose the most suitable continence products to suit your needs

Potty and roll and toilet paper

Toilet Training Support

Bronwyn is able to provide recommendations, advice and ongoing support for children who have not toilet trained or have issues with toilet refusal, sensory sensitivities, stool withholding, constipation, day wetting and faecal incontinence (soiling)

Catheters of all colours

Catheter Management

Bronwyn can provide advice and recommendations for catheter users, both intermittent and indwelling, to find the most suitable catheter equipment for your needs. Your NDIS plan should include adequate funding for the most appropriate catheter for your purposes!

Two children playing on a bed

Bedwetting Advice

Children who are still wetting the bed after the age of 5 years can seek treatment for their night wetting. Bronwyn can provide guidance about possible treatment options as well as suitable equipment to help contain the wetting and work towards to achievement of night dryness for your child

profile of child wearing headphones

Support for Neurodiverse Children (ASD, ADHD)

Many children have NDIS funding due to their neurodiversity and this makes them a higher risk of having bladder and bowel problems including day and night wetting, constipation, soiling, toilet refusal and incontinence. Bronwyn can help these children to become continent and dry at night

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