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All About Me

Our Lead Practitioner, Bronwyn Peck, has been a Continence Nurse Consultant since 2012. She has extensive experience in treating all types of continence issues for people of all ages and conditions. Disabilities due to genetic or neurological deficits commonly result in bladder and bowel dysfunction, which require specialist management and care, to maintain good bladder and bowel health and to promote the development of independence with continence management and self-cares.


With a background in paediatric nursing, Bronwyn has expertise in the continence management of children and can provide recommendations and product advice for those with toilet refusal, constipation and/or faecal soiling, daytime urinary incontinence, bedwetting and toilet training problems. Bronwyn is very knowledgable in the management of continence issues in children with neurodiverse conditions such as ASD, ADHD, ODD and Intellectual Disability.


The achievement of continence and the management of incontinence for all age groups, requires a specialist approach from an experienced and qualified therapist. Continence assessments and ongoing continence therapies should not be attended by 'just any registered nurse'. Continence is a speciality area that requires specialist expertise to achieve the best outcomes for participants in meeting their goals and being able to live their best lives!

Profile picture of lead clinician Bronwyn Peck, who provides continence assessments and support for incontinence, bladder and bowel problems, bedwetting, toilet training and product recommendations
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